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    Used semi-trailers for Sale

    A semi trailer is a mobile container that can be attached to the back of any semi truck and used for transport. Semi trailers are designed to hold huge amounts of goods or materials and successfully haul them across long distances, keeping them protected against rain, wind, and theft. These trailers are also designed to make transport in general fast and efficient, while being capable of moving immense amounts of materials to far places. Perhaps the cornerstone of American living is in the trucking industry, which supplies businesses all across the country using these movable warehouses.

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    • Kalyn LOWBED, 1994, Flatbed Trailers

      Kalyn LOWBEDAdditional Information: VIN: 1K9E18339S1005092 Rear Axles: Tri Extendable: no Description: 50 Ton Inventory Location: Clayton Farms & Equipment

      Flatbed Trailers
      United States, Finger, Tennessee

      16,500 USD
    •  RAMPANT, 2018, Flatbed Trailers

      RAMPANTAdditional Information: VIN: 5SPDG2425JW2K0195 Description: 35 Ton Spring Ride Detachable Gooseneck Lowboy Trailer w/ 24" Well, Strobe Light Kit, Tool Box, Front Fl

      Flatbed Trailers
      United States, Bardstown, Kentucky

      65,000 USD
    • Witzco CHALLENGER NG-50, 2019, Flatbed Trailers

      Witzco CHALLENGER NG-50Additional Information: VIN: 1W8A11E37KS000022 Rear Axles: Tri Axle Type: Fixed Composition: Steel Floor Type: Apitong Floor Tires: 22.5 Wheels: All Steel Descripti

      Flatbed Trailers
      United States, Montgomery, Texas

      39,900 USD
    •  FERREE 25, 1972, Flatbed Trailers

      FERREE 25Additional Information: VIN: 671597 Rear Axles: Tandem Axle Type: Fixed Flip Axle: No Composition: Steel Floor Type: Wood Floor Stinger: No Wheels: Spoke Descriptio

      Flatbed Trailers
      United States, Charleston, South Carolina

      8,900 USD
    • CPS 42 FT STELL HOPPER BOTTOM, 2015, Grain / Hopper / Tipper Trailers

      CPS 42 FT STELL HOPPER BOTTOMAdditional Information: VIN: F3147878 Suspension: Spring Rear Axles: Tandem Axle Type: Fixed Length: 42 Composition: Steel Tires: 22.5 Wheels: All Steel Description

      Grain / Hopper / Tipper Trailers
      United States, Covington, Tennessee

      8,000 USD
    • Ledwell 48 x 102 HYDRAULIC TAIL, 1996, Flatbed Trailers

      Ledwell 48 x 102 HYDRAULIC TAILAdditional Information: VIN: TL033448 Rear Axles: Tandem Axle Type: Fixed Flip Axle: No Length: 48 Width: 102 Composition: Steel Floor Type: Wood Floor Hydraulic Ta

      Flatbed Trailers
      United States, Covington, Tennessee

      17,500 USD
    • Trail King TK80HT 40 TON, 2009, Flatbed Trailers

      Trail King TK80HT 40 TONAdditional Information: Suspension: Air Ride Length: 38 Hydraulic Tail: Yes Description: Air Ride Suspension, 38 ft x 8 ft x 6 in Deck, Hydraulic Tail, Winch Invent

      Flatbed Trailers
      United States, Ringgold, Georgia

      59,500 USD
    • PJ 10 TON GOOSENECK, 2014, Flatbed Trailers

      PJ 10 TON GOOSENECKAdditional Information: Suspension: Spring Rear Axles: Tandem Axle Type: Fixed Length: 44 Width: 102 Composition: Steel Floor Type: Wood Floor Tires: 16 Wheels: All

      Flatbed Trailers
      United States, Covington, Tennessee

      11,000 USD
    • E-Z Trail 30, Flatbed Trailers

      E-Z Trail 30Additional Information: Description: EZ-TRAIL HEADER TRAILER. S/N 3087 TRAILER HAS ADJUSTABLE LENGTH. Quantity: 1

      Flatbed Trailers


      4,000 USD
    •  TUFBOY 20 FT PENTLE HITCH, 1980, Flatbed Trailers

      TUFBOY 20 FT PENTLE HITCHAdditional Information: VIN: A000510 Suspension: Spring Rear Axles: Tri Axle Type: Fixed Length: 20 Composition: Steel Floor Type: Wood Floor Wheels: All Steel Desc

      Flatbed Trailers
      United States, Covington, Tennessee

      2,500 USD
    • Timpte 42 FT HOPPER, 1997, Grain / Hopper / Tipper Trailers

      Timpte 42 FT HOPPERAdditional Information: VIN: VB091750 Suspension: Air Ride Rear Axles: Tandem Axle Type: Fixed Length: 42 Width: 102 Composition: Aluminum Floor Type: Aluminum Floo

      Grain / Hopper / Tipper Trailers
      United States, Covington, Tennessee

      10,000 USD
    •  FERREE 45 TON DETACH, 1978, Flatbed Trailers

      FERREE 45 TON DETACHAdditional Information: VIN: 786248 Suspension: Spring Rear Axles: Tri Axle Type: Fixed Width: 96 Composition: Steel Floor Type: Wood Floor Wheels: All Steel Descri

      Flatbed Trailers
      United States, Covington, Tennessee

      14,000 USD
    • Utility 53, 1999, Box body semi-trailers

      Utility 53Additional Information: VIN: XM977603 Suspension: Air Ride Rear Axles: Tandem Axle Type: Sliding Height: 13'6 Length: 53 Width: 102 Composition: Steel Insulated: Ye

      Box body semi-trailers
      United States, Covington, Tennessee

      5,500 USD
    • Utility VSR2, 1988, Box body semi-trailers

      Utility VSR2Additional Information: VIN: 1UYVS248XJU886108 Suspension: Spring Rear Axles: Tandem Axle Type: Fixed Length: 48 Composition: Aluminum Doors: Swing Side Doors: Road

      Box body semi-trailers
      United States, Charleston, South Carolina

      8,500 USD
    • Talbert 35 Ton, 1995, Flatbed Trailers

      Talbert 35 TonAdditional Information: Rear Axles: Tandem Length: 44 Width: 102 Tires: 255/70R/22.5 Description: 35 Ton, Pony Motor, Needs a little TLC Decking and Cross Members

      Flatbed Trailers
      United States, St. George, South Carolina

      19,500 USD
    • Timpte 42 FT HOPPER GRAIN, 1997, Grain / Hopper / Tipper Trailers

      Timpte 42 FT HOPPER GRAINAdditional Information: VIN: VB091754 Suspension: Air Ride Rear Axles: Tandem Axle Type: Fixed Length: 42 Width: 102 Composition: Steel Floor Type: Aluminum Floor W

      Grain / Hopper / Tipper Trailers
      United States, Covington, Tennessee

      9,000 USD
    • Wilson DWH 400 Pacesetter, 2002, Grain / Hopper / Tipper Trailers

      Wilson DWH 400 PacesetterAdditional Information: Length: 43 Width: 102 Description: Double Hooper, 11R-22.5 Tires at 55-60%, Tarp, Plumbed for Vibrator, Good Overall Condition Inventory Loc

      Grain / Hopper / Tipper Trailers
      United States, St. George, South Carolina

      19,000 USD
    • Interstate 35, 1991, Flatbed Trailers

      Interstate 35Additional Information: VIN: 1JKSLZ449ML603081 Suspension: Spring Rear Axles: Tandem Axle Type: Fixed Flip Axle: No Composition: Steel Hydraulic Tail: No Stinger: N

      Flatbed Trailers
      United States, Charleston, South Carolina

      21,850 USD
    • Kidron 28 FT PUP REEFER, 2006, Box body semi-trailers

      Kidron 28 FT PUP REEFERAdditional Information: VIN: 61054203 Suspension: Spring Rear Axles: Single Axle Type: Fixed Length: 28 Width: 102 Composition: Aluminum Insulated: Yes Doors: Roll

      Box body semi-trailers
      United States, Covington, Tennessee

      4,500 USD
    • Challenger RG-50, 2017, Flatbed Trailers

      Challenger RG-50Gross weight: No, Additional Information: Description: 50 ton triaxle lowboy, 22 ft well, ground bearing, 8'6" wide, pony motor, price + 12% FET Inventory Location: Brookside Equipme

      Flatbed Trailers
      United States, Phillipston, Massachusetts

      33,500 USD

    Some of the most popular semi truck trailers are made by the brands Schmitz Cargobull, Krone, and Fruehauf. These brands are well-known in the trucking industry for making quality, built-to-last semi trailers that are designed to hold up in the harshest of conditions. The Schmitz Cargobull Frigo Standard Hayon is an incredibly fortified semi trailer that has a dimension size of 13410x2460x2700 m, and it has an air-air suspension type. The Krone 2011 is a refrigerated trailer, making it ideal for food and beverage transport. This trailer has a maximum payload of 83,776 pounds. The Fruehauf 160A is a tanker trailer that is built to carry huge amounts of liquid long distance, with a maximum capacity of 11,000 gallons. All three of these semi trailers are built for different purposes, but are all worthy investments, given the right task.

    One of the largest semi trailers is the Schmitz Cargobull Curtainsider Standard Getränke, a trailer that has a dimension profile of 13620x2480x2730 m. If you are looking to ship huge loads across long distances, this could be one of the best trailers on the market today. This massive storage unit has six wheels to assist in moving gargantuan payloads quickly, but when used to the maximum, its large capacity may be slightly slower to transport when compared to a semi trailer like the Fruehauf 20X102, which is a flatbed trailer. This trailer is not enclosed, meaning it doesn't have a roof. This makes the Fruehauf 20X102 ineffective for carrying large amounts of sensitive materials, but very effective for carrying weatherproof goods in a quick manner. One of the strongest semi trailers is the Krone Profiliner, a trailer that is a flatbed, but also one that is built with metal framework. This makes it able to withstand the elements of rain and wind with ease, and protect the precious cargo inside during long cross-country treks. In addition to this, the Profiliner is also quite spacious, with a maximum payload of 64,904 pounds. All of these different types of semi trailers mentioned are best suited for different types of jobs, which makes your demand from a semi trailer instrumental in which one you decide to purchase. The Schmitz Cargobull Curtainsider is best for transporting furniture or other large items that don't require refrigeration long distances because of its size and enclosed design. On the contrary, the Fruehauf 20X102 is good for general towing purposes of objects like construction materials, lawn care equipment, or any other object that can withstand a little bit of rain. Lastly, the Krone Profiliner is ideal for logistical purposes like moving packages. Depending on your line of work, each of these respective semi trailers could be an ideal fit for your job, as they are all fantastic transport options for large objects.

    The types of semi trailers that are on the market vary greatly in terms of capability, size, style, and specialization. For food shipping, refrigerated trailers make the most sense, because of the perishable aspect associated with it. When shipping, the safety of the driver and the goods being moved are paramount, so it’s best to not take any risks when it comes to the security of the items that are being transported. Large flatbed trailers are great at moving mobile homes to new locations because of their ability to hold things that are wider than the trailer itself. By not being enclosed, this type of trailer is able to move vastly wide objects that can be larger than what an enclosed trailer could successfully move. For moving things like oil, natural gas, or milk, a tanker trailer can be the best option. This type of semi trailer can hold thousands of gallons of substance and transport it. Tanker trailers are also equipped with a depository pump that aids in dropping off the liquid cargo efficiently. Standard transport allows you the luxury of being more flexible with your semi trailer purchasing, because you can pick your trailer of choice from a wide range that can all get the job done right. Non-air-conditioned semi trailers that are used for transport are widely available, and anything from a logging trailer to a tipper trailer could be the right fit, depending on what type of work you will require from your new portable warehouse.

    The Mid-America Trucking Show will be held in Louisville, Kentucky at the Kentucky Exposition Center on March 22-24 of 2018. This annual event is one of the largest and most widely-recognized exhibitions of all things semi trailers, and it’s a great opportunity to see some of the latest innovations in trucking, as well as recent technological applications to the industry’s existing products. Powerhouses in the field from all over the world converge at this unique event, and it serves also as a celebration of the trucking industry, one of the most vital fields on the globe. At this event, there will be over 1,000 exhibitors and 1,000,000 square feet of events, seminars, and displays, which is sure to be a great way to learn more about the vast amount of different semi trailers and their respective abilities. Suppliers, distributors, and customers alike will all be represented at the Mid-America Trucking Show , making it one of the most exclusive and dynamic trucking conventions in the world.

    If you are in the market for a used semi trailer, Mascus USA is the best place to find virtually any trailer one could possibly need. By registering through the Mascus USA database in a few simple steps , you will gain the ability to list your used semi trailer for sale, getting in front of thousands of potential buying eyes on a daily basis.