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    Used construction equipment for Sale

    The construction industry is ranked as one of the highest and most profitable businesses in North America. After experiencing a 3.1% growth over the past year it is showing no signs of slowing down. Behind this booming industry is a legion of resilient workers and a forceful fleet of heavy machines. Whether building bridges, paving roads, erecting buildings, or excavating mines, the true reason for the construction industries success is its efficient machinery. Modern technology is exponentially increasing both horsepower and manpower to allow for feats of construction equipment that were never possible before. With so many companies rapidly producing new products, it is no surprise that the used heavy equipment market can provide nearly brand new machines for businesses and individuals.

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    • Featured
      Caterpillar D 9 R, 1998, Dozers

      Caterpillar D 9 RGross weight: 22.14, Cabin type: Enclosed cab, Engine: Caterpillar 3408 E HEUI, Engine power: 416, Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 0.24x0.12x0.11, Production country: US, Delivery terms: FOB, Additional Information: The Engine is down due to a hole in block, transmission 12,000 hours, final drives & brakes 6,

      United States, Indiana

      50,000 USD
    • Featured
       2015 KUBOTA R630R43, 2015, Other

      2015 KUBOTA R630R43Condition level grade (1-5): 5, Cabin type: Enclosed cab, Engine power: 64.4, Front tires / undercarriage remaining: 100%%, Rear tires remaining : 100%%, Production country: US, Additional Information: S/N 10359 93 hours. Bucket 100 CU YD / 2 sets of fork Lifts. HP: 64.4 DieselAttachments: 2 sets of Fork Lifts.

      2015 93 h
      United States, White Marsh MD.

      65,000 USD
    • Featured
      Atlas Copco CM 780 D, 2007, Surface drill rigs

      Atlas Copco CM 780 DEPA marked: Yes, Condition level grade (1-5): 5, Amount of previous owners: 2, CE marked: Yes, Engine: CAT C-13, Emission level: Stage IIIB, Cooling system: Water, Feed mechanism: Chained, Strike hours: 4x4 / x 2 (optional), Hole diameter: "89-152 mm 3 1/2""-6""", Primary cyclone: Yes, Carrier type: Tracked, Cabin type: Enclosed cab

      Surface drill rigs
      2007 7,013 h
      United States, Northeast

      135,000 USD
    • Featured
      Atlas Copco T 35, 2013, Surface drill rigs

      Atlas Copco Poweroc T35.12Engine: Cummins QSB6.7 Tier 111, Emission level: Stage IIIA, Drill make: COP 1840EX, Cooling system: Water, Feed mechanism: Chained, Strike hours: 4x2, Rod handler make: Rotary, Hole diameter: "76-115 mm 3""-4 1/2""", Boom make: Telescopic, Primary cyclone: Yes, Carrier type: Tracked

      Surface drill rigs
      2013 5,700 h
      United States

      On Request
    • Featured
      Tamrock DHA550, 1993, Surface drill rigs

      Tamrock DHA 550Condition level grade (1-5): 4, Amount of previous owners: 1, Full service history: Yes, Engine: Deutz, Drill make: HL500, Cooling system: Water, Feed mechanism: Chained, Rod handler make: Rod Rack, Hole diameter: "41-89 mm 1-3/5""-3 1/2""", Primary cyclone: Yes, Carrier type: Tracked, Cabin type: Open cab

      Surface drill rigs
      1993 3,000 h
      United States, New Jersey

      35,000 USD
    • Featured
      Caterpillar 631 E, 1990, Scrapers

      Caterpillar 631EAdditional Information: Description: Cat 631E, s/n 1NB00684, (Series I) is a 1990 model with 15,000 frame hours. This is a one-owner machine with low components.

      1990 14,964 h
      United States, Concordia, Missouri

      On Request
    • Featured
      Caterpillar 777 C, 1994, Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs)

      Caterpillar 777 CEngine: Caterpillar 3508 DITA, Engine power: 882.4, Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 9.78x5.46x4.98, Production country: US, Delivery terms: FOB, Additional Information: The engine is down on this unit, last recorded at 81969 hours, the transmission has been damaged due to broken wish-bone.

      Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs)
      United States, Kentucky

      25,000 USD
    • Featured
      Caterpillar 245 B 2, Buckets

      Caterpillar 245B, 245D MASS EXCAVATION 4.25YDAdditional Information: Description: Part number 9V2365 is a 4.5 cubic yard spade nose bucket. It is for mass excavation likage only and is 79.76" wide. Inventory L


      United States, Concordia, Missouri

      On Request
    • Featured
      Bobcat T 590, 2015, Mini Loader

      Bobcat T590Front tires / undercarriage remaining: RearTyreCondition%, : A/C, Attachments: OtherInformation

      Mini Loader
      2015 993 h
      United States, Polkton, NC

      43,000 USD
    • Featured
      Atlas Copco QAS 250, 2007, Generators

      Atlas Copco QAS 250Engine: JOHN DEERE, Engine power: 318, Output: 228, Frequency: 60, Voltage: 480, Power type: Diesel, Tank volume: 1703.43, Gross weight: 6104.89, Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 3.89x1.35x2.29, Delivery terms: FOB

      2007 5,000 h
      United States, 33054

      25,000 USD
    • Kubota KX 121-3, 2013, Crawler Excavators

      Kubota KX121-3

      Crawler Excavators
      2013 440 h
      United States, Little Rock, AR

      38,000 USD
    • Caterpillar CS 56 B, 2016, Waste Compactors

      Caterpillar CS56BCondition level grade (1-5): 5, Attachments: OtherInformation

      Waste Compactors
      2016 354 h
      United States, Topeka Area, KS

      169,300 USD
    • Caterpillar AP 1055 B, 2004, Asphalt pavers

      Caterpillar AP-1055BAdditional Information: Description: 6 cyl, 10 ft - 20 ft hyd ext screed, Topcon control system We own it, sitting in Dover MN FOB MN Inventory Location: Prestige E

      Asphalt pavers
      United States, Brighton, Colorado

      26,950 USD
    • Caterpillar PS 150 C, 2011, Asphalt pavers

      Caterpillar PS-150CCondition level grade (1-5): 5, Attachments: OtherInformation

      Asphalt pavers
      2011 922 h
      United States, Amarillo, TX

      61,000 USD
    • Genie GS 2032, 2004, Scissor Lifts

      Genie GS-2032Attachments: OtherInformation

      Scissor Lifts
      2004 449 h
      United States, Wichita, KS

      4,000 USD
    • Caterpillar 299 D XHP, 2014, Skid Steer Loaders

      Caterpillar 299DXHPAttachments: OtherInformation

      Skid Steer Loaders
      2014 1,870 h
      United States, IN

      59,000 USD
    • Genie GS 1930, 2005, Scissor Lifts

      Genie GS-1930Attachments: OtherInformation

      Scissor Lifts
      2005 354 h
      United States, Wichita, KS

      4,000 USD
    • Applied Energy 18R0875E3D, 2017, Other

      Applied Energy 18R0875E3DAdditional Information: 2017 used Applied Energy 18R0875E3D Attachments for sale. Over 2000 pieces of used equipment in stock. Inquire today about Stock Attachments: 36V 875 AH 208/240/480 3 PH

      United States, Portland, Oregon

      1,000 USD
    • Caterpillar D8 T, 2012, Dozers

      Caterpillar D8TCondition level grade (1-5): 5, Attachments: OtherInformation

      2012 7,051 h
      United States, Wichita Falls, TX

      339,000 USD
    • Caterpillar IT 14 G, 2010, Wheel Loaders

      Caterpillar IT14G

      Wheel Loaders
      2010 2,252 h
      United States, Enroute, MI

      78,500 USD

    The most popular construction equipment in North America are loaders made by Caterpillar. Loaders are a tractor unit most often fitted with a bucket attached by a hydraulic boom that allows the bucket to move up and down. These machines, sometimes called front loaders, are most commonly divided into two groups: skid steer loaders and wheel loaders. Skid steers are a smaller, lighter type of loaders that pride themselves on their maneuverability. Skid steers also occasionally come fitted with tracks instead of wheels, depending on the environment they will be used in. Wheel loaders are generally more powerful and are more easily able to be fitted with different attachments.

    In the world of heavy machinery, strength has always been the name of the game. The stronger something is, the faster a task can get done. Every section of the construction industry has their own beast that can easily dwarf humans and fellow machines alike. But more important than their size is their usefulness and efficiency. In the mining industry excavators are used to break, dip, and scoop the earth then dropped to be sorted or moved by other machines.The vast depth and swaths of quarries can make this an almost impossible task to be accomplished in one’s lifetime with an average excavator. To remedy that situation, a German company called Krupp built the Excavator 288. Not only is the 288 impressive in size for an excavator, it actually holds the record for the biggest land vehicle in the world. This elephantine excavator requires at least 5 people to operate it as it moves across Tagebau Hambach in Germany. Tackling a different side of the earthmoving industry are the big bulldozers. Dozers are fit with a “blade” on the front that allows the machine to move mounds of material. The bull with the most brawn is the Komatsu D575A-3SD. Already a powerhouse in the heavy equipment industry, Komatsu decided not only to build the largest production dozer, but the third largest machine overall. The D575A has a staggering operating weight of 153 tons and requires 8 semi-trucks to transport it to each site. When it comes to hauling materials, though, there is one monster machine that can handle more material than any of its close material-moving relatives. This tremendous truck is the Belaz 75710. The back of this Belaz is able to transport nearly 500 tons of material from one location to the next. It takes two MTU 65-litre, 16-cylinder, four stroke diesel engines with a combined 4,600 horsepower to get this dump truck rolling. It takes a set of staircases to get anywhere in this vehicle as it stands nearly three stories high.

    When there is progress being made in the world it is highly likely that construction is involved in the process. Take quick look any place in civilization and the effects of millions of machines can be clearly seen. Sectors of the construction industry include: residential housing, commercial buildings, transportation, industrial, power generation, fuel, waste management, and water. To accommodate so many demands, the heavy equipment industry in the United States averages over $41 billion each year in sales. In some industries, certain machines are more popular than others. For example, in commercial building, particularly when building taller structures, a crane will be used for its exceptional ability to move materials to stories that no other machines can come close to reaching. In the transportation sector the incredibly heavy, cylindrical drum rollers are used to compress and flatten asphalt in preparation for vehicles to travel on. While these two machines are largely confined to specific industries, some pieces of heavy machinery are utilized across multiple fields around the world. One example of a vehicle that is used diversely is the dump truck. With the simple task of moving heavy loads it would probably quicker to list what industry this load-bearing brute is not a part of. Most commonly, it can be seen on commercial construction grounds moving debris, at a quarry transporting the earth that has been dug up big excavators, or on the road moving materials such as dirt, sand, gravel, and waste.

    While there are hundreds of events around North America throughout the year that focus on different aspects of the construction industry, none are as popular or all-encompassing as CONEXPO-CON/AGG. This event takes place every three years in Las Vegas, Nevada and features the world's leading heavy equipment experts, displays, classes, and technologies. With over 2,500,000 square feet you will be able to visit exhibitors from the companies that you are most interested in in your field. The next CONEXPO-CON/AGG will take place March 10-14 in 2020.

    If you are looking for construction equipment for business or personal use there are new ways to get connected with the best machine to fit you needs. Mascus USA helps buyers search and filter results based off of type, make, model, and other specifications. Likewise, if you are interested in selling your used construction equipment, Mascus can link you to potential buyers. Simply by registering an account with Mascus you can get your heavy equipment in front of millions of viewers that search through the site daily.